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A movement-based puzzler with teleportation technology

Game Dev

May 2020

Telco (play on is a movement based puzzle game made with the PICO-8 fantasy console and coded in Lua. The player is testing teleportation technology when something goes awry! There are 30 levels and a level-key input system for returning to play later.

I focused on designing simple mechanics and then using them to create more complicated puzzles. In addition to programming the level sequence, movement, animation, a save state systems, and a dialogue delivery system, I created all art, sound, and music inside the PICO-8 editor.

Telco is an iteration of Reality Wave Distortion, a similar but shorter game I made using Bitsy. I wanted to recreate this game in PICO-8 because Bitsy was so limited. It may appear to behave in a similar way, but creating scenes in Bitsy to represent each state of the player's movement was horrendously tedious.

Benjamin Vernon

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