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Table Tales

A calming, post-apocalyptic cooking RPG.

Game Dev

May 2019

Table Tales is a 2D casual RPG where players must explore the world and gather ingredients to use in their restaurant, where they cook meals and form friendships. Our 15 person team was inspired by games like Stardew Valley, Pokemon, and VA-11 HALL-A. Our documentation and pages have all the details.

I was the Art Lead on this project meaning that I had creative control over general art style, in-game sprites, and UI elements while also managing a team of three other artists.

First, I researched art styles and we all agreed on a pixel-art style. Personally, I created over 200 sprites including environmental tiles and decorations for the plains and desert biomes; world ingredients, picked states, and ingredient inventory sprites; character and animal animations; and the “journal” UI menu. I also worked with the gameplay and narrative teams to build out the actual environments to ensure that they fit our desired mood.

On a more personal level, this project gave me experience managing a team while also working with others across multiple teams. Through clear communication and a set schedule, my team was able to deliver all basic assets and I pushed them to create additional assets that the gameplay and narrative teams sprung on us. The hardest part was making sure that assets looked consistent, but I fostered an environment focused on iteration and casual feedback, which helped myself and my team members grow as artists.

Benjamin Vernon

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