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Markets Overview UI

Adding personalization to a standard page


Jul 2020

This market overview page is a proof of concept design to replace the client's current market overview page in order to make it more feature rich. While still showcasing the standard elements of a market overview page such as the index graphs, advancing and declining stocks, and sector information, it also introduces little bits of personalized information.

The areas indicated with a white bell on a grey background show information to a user's portfolio. The targeted user is someone who owns quite a few investments but does not know much about trading stocks because they are wealthy enough to have a banking advisor who handles that for them. Thus, these areas of personalized info are meant to give the user a high level view of how the overall trends in the market are affecting their portfolio. In addition, they highlight certain events or stocks that are relevant to the portfolio.

The page was designed with efficiency in mind so that the user could see all the main areas of the market news and then drill down in more detail about how their portfolio is doing if they would like.

Benjamin Vernon

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