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A fast-paced rogue-lite shoot-em-up.

Game Dev

Dec 2018

Jumgeon is a fast-paced dungeon-crawler with changing player abilities, taking elements from the rogue-lite and shmup genres. Being fans of Binding of Isaac, Enter the Gungeon, and the Metroidvania genre in general, our four-person team wanted to incorporate player death as the main mechanic in a game. We came up with the premise that Jum, the protagonist, was a skilled hunter but killed animals without mercy. As punishment, he was cursed to face his sins and in death be reincarnated as animals he used to slaughter.

Every time a player dies, they get reincarnated as a different animal, each with a unique ability or movement restriction. As a team, we designed the unique playable and enemy animal mechanics. We recorded all the audio acapella, which gives the game a certain charm. By being closely involved with designing the gameplay, I was able to create and test over 30 levels that would complement the chaotic experience, while also gaining technical experience with C# and Unity’s asset and scene management systems. I was in charge of the art direction and modeled and textured all 3D assets to create a cohesive look and feel.

In addition to being an active team member, I took up the role of producer which allowed me to be involved with almost all aspects of the creative process while being responsible for keeping the project on schedule, organized, and true to its initial concept. Feel free to check out our documentation blog.

Benjamin Vernon

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