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Golf Companion Interface

An exercise in Information Architecture


Oct 2019

Golf Companion tracks a user's golfing statistics, allowing them to know if they are improving and what skills they need to practice. In order to create this interface, I first interviewed a golfer to find out what they would want to see and keep track of.

With this information, I mapped out all the data that would require to fill the user's need. I then organized the user journey through a series of steps.

The result is that Golf Companion has three main functions. As the user is playing a round of golf, they will input which club they use and where the ball lands on the course for each hit. A GPS tracker finds the distance between their current and previous hit. Once they finish the course, this data is saved. In addition, the user's overall statistics are updated to reflect this. From here, the user can view their overall statistics or view their playing history. These statistics will show them their strengths and weaknesses.

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