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A parallax scrolling narrative.

Product & Web

April 2019

The purpose of this project was to explore and implement parallax scrolling. I was in emotional turmoil, so my situation was my inspiration and wanted to design a narrative that captured the blurry feeling of being lost.

The site follows a woman falling through a void, though the void quickly changes to a chaotic scene. The journey she takes is mirrored, so she ends up falling back into the same type of restful position she began in. The text that accompanies her reads “What an existence, or is it just a phase or maybe a cycle.”

I photoshopped the image of the girl and created the blobby and sinuous landscape graphics. I put them all together with HTML, CSS, and JS. Unfortunately, it is not responsive.

Benjamin Vernon

Creative technologist with a passion for designing & developing UIs, websites, typefaces & games.