Benjamin Vernon / Projects

Mantra Online Magazine

A web based UIUX design project

Markets Overview UI

Adding personalization to a standard page


A cooperative game with magnetic cats


A movement-based puzzler with teleportation technology

EV Data Visualization

Visualizing electric vehicle station usage

InSleep App Prototype

A no-nonsense REM sleep calculator

Themed UI Elements

Miscellaneous UI Components

Golf Companion Interface

An exercise in Information Architecture

Online Master's UXR and Web Design

A UX and web design project.


An interactive and collaborative music box.

Table Tales

A calming, post-apocalyptic cooking RPG.


A parallax scrolling narrative.


A fast-paced rogue-lite shoot-em-up.

Destiny 2 Stats Search

View a breakdown of your guardians' stats


A wearable wallet and key ring.

Benjamin Vernon

Creative technologist with a passion for designing & developing UIs, websites, typefaces & games.